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Clayquot Sound testimonials

"...from the moment we paddled away from Tofino, we knew we were in for a treat...our 6 days in majestic Clayoquot Sound will forever be one of the most special times in my life. Your ability to make a group of complete strangers feel welcome, safe, comfortable and into old friends within days was magic. Your culinary skills were outstanding...a fresh crab and swiss cheese omellette for breakfrast...with a mango fruit salad!...I thought camping was "roughing it" say you "blew us away" is an understatement! I want to be back on our timeless beach right now!

Delia van Thoenval, Fort Meyers, FL.


"These have been the best four days with my son ever and all future experiences will be compared with this. I leave with invaluable memories an can only hope life brings us here, together, again..."

Henry Jaffe and son, Ian Jaffe , Nepean, Ontario.


"Sometimes it takes a wild heart to uncover a gentle soul. This wonderful place is the gentle soul that unleashes, then nurtures and channels the wild heart...Both my son and I are better for it."

Rocco Rossi and son, DJ, Toronto, Ontario

"Just wanted to say we had a great time...we had such perfect weather and you guys were awesome! Thanks for everything...we'll see you next summer."


Jackie Freeze, Trent, Ontario


"...My whole family could not have been happier with our kayaking experience...I really want to commend our guides for a job well done...the food was wonderful...we'd be happy to take a reference call or two to credit your good works. How could we not share our warm feelings about whales, friendships and hospitality...we had a wonderful time!"

The Wilmerding Family Philadelphia, U.S.A.


"We've just returned home and quickly wanted to send you our warmest thanks for such a wonderful holiday. The Vargas Island Getaway was FANTASTIC! George and I have never had such a marvelous time as our 3 days spent in Wild Heart "time"...I can't wait to get our photographs back and re-live some of the adventure and laughter...I hope you'll have us back."

Deana & George Browning .... Baton Rouge, LO.

Rocco Rossi and son, DJ Rossi , Toronto, Ontario.