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The waters off the west coast of Vancouver Island offers the intrepid paddler some of the best paddling in the world. As one journeys further up the coastline, small settlements are left behind and a true sense of solitude evoked by the timeless beauty of coastal mountains, ancient rain forests and the raw energy of the Pacific Ocean surround us. This is the Wild West Coast of Vancouver Island.
Our expedition begins in Fair Harbour, an hour's drive from Zeballos on the north west coast of Vancouver Island. Our route will take us through a winding maze of inlets to the outside open Pacific Ocean and into the heart of Kyuquot Sound. From a drop-off in the Bunsby Islands, a gorgeous marine ecological reserve famous for it's resident population of sea otters, we'll embark upon a memorable adventure exploring this spectacular area's islands, inlets and the jewel of the Brooks Peninsula. Jutting ten miles out into the Pacific Ocean from the northwestern coastline of Vancouver Island, this amazing stretch of coastline is the most exciting and adventurous area one can paddle on the Island. In addition to great paddling, we may encounter a variety of wildlife including black bear, cougar, deer, seal and porpoises, chance encounters with both Orca and Grey whales, thousands of sea birds and the colourful marine life within the intertidal zone. And if you enjoy fishing, the waters off this coastline are arguably the very best on Vancouver Island. An untouched hinterland, The Brooks Peninsula, The Acous Peninsula and The Bunsby Islands offers us a magical venue to enjoy spectacular sea kayaking in the most remote area of Vancouver Island. These expeditions sell out and we only offer a few each season. We hope you can join us.

6 Day Camping Tours
2016 DATES

July 22-29, July 31-August 5
August 7-12

Price: $1700 Cdn.
(price includes boat shuttle service from Kyuquot Sound to Fair Harbour )

Wild West Coast 6 Day Itinerary

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Morning Paddle in the Bunsby Islands, Kyuquot Sound

The Wild West Coast - Spring Island, Kyuquot Sound